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Sore arm or genocide?
What is your risk of not taking the covid vaccine vs your immune system saviour ? I'm risking it all on my immune system.

  1. My immune system is most amazing after touring 4 and half continent's.

  2. Have 1 in 2400 chances of catching covid on a global scale.

  3. Simply, its impossible to vaccinate every human being and all species of animals since 70% viruses come from animal. My vaccine would not help for the good.

  4. My area has the best covid
    provention in the world.

  5. Vaccines are only 90 to 94% effective with many side effects.

  6. If in a snowball chance in hell, if I catch it. I got 99.98 chance of survival.

Whats your chances?

Castlepaloma 8 Apr 18

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and you haven't even touched on why it is called "corona"virus to begin with; there really is no escape i guess

Best chance is to be in the best health possible. Like a strong stock of a plant that fights off any bugs or diseases. I learn from growing organic vegetables, fungi and superworm. That relate to 94% biomass weight on earth.


Personally, I'll take my chances on having a sore arm for a few hours or a day over copping a week or more on a Respirator and dying from C-19 any day.
I much prefer being alive, seeing the sun shining every morning than being stone cold DEAD and rotting away in a box in a hole in the ground.
However, and NOT wishing to sounds uncaring, etc, etc, here @Castlepaloma, there may well be an 'alternate' solution to your quandary.
I think it starts with an S and ends with an E.

Thats mainly in your freaking head.

You could say being worldclass in sport and arts for decades would make me a little freaky. No where near the ulgy freak show you very hard heads follow like shleeps.

I lead with my heart first, shortly followed by my head. I make the machine and start new industries

@Castlepaloma Is THAT the best you have?

You been married twice eeeekkk
Thats worst than a covid death. Don't want to be any harder on you.

@Castlepaloma Aw, you're improving slowly it seems.
Perhaps, just PERHAPS that is , in another few thousand decades or so you MAY just rise above the Cretinous level.

@Castlepaloma Ah so, now we resort to INSULTS once derisions, etc, have failed you, exactly what I was expecting btw.


What ever floats your boat. When I was in the Army I was vaccinated for every country I went too. So, this is just one in a hundred of what I have already have had. So, better safe than sorry than later on wishing I had.

Its interesting you don't hear very little about the flu virus anymore. I used to hear about a whole pro hockey team being cancelled because of the flu. Its been replaced Today by just the covid that shuts down games.


It may well be worth mentioning here that, medically speaking, Vaccines do NOT produce Immunity as such, they do, however, produce a RESISTANCE to future Infections and the more and greater harmful/deadly results of such infections.
Vaccines, i.e. immunizations, DO cause the Immune system of the body to produce NATURAL Anti-bodies specific to that infective agent though.
To maintain that Resistance one must, when and if required to, keep up with the Booster Immunizations schedules.
For example, Tetanus, MUST be given a Booster shot every 5 years.
And as I have just learned via a phone cal from his wife, a very good and old friend of mine is now hospitalized AFTER simply stepping on a rusty nail poking out from a piece of wood which he chose to ignore, treated himself and NOW faces a very long and hard road and battle with Tetanus BECAUSE he chose NOT to have his Tetanus Booster when it was due.
Sadly, my Friend, there is almost NOWHERE in this world that can truly claim to have the 'Best C-19 Prevention" since infections like viruses and the like KNOW no Boundaries, State, National or otherwise.


CDC director says Michigan should ‘shut things down’ amid rise in cases, not bet on vaccines

@Castlepaloma "Not bet on Vaccines," you say.
Well then, lets us know where you want the flowers sent for your Funeral then please.

When you die first, if I won, why would I send flowers. How about I send a memo to your family.
Sorry he lost the bet, vaccines suck, so sorry.

@Castlepaloma You DO realize, I hope that Sarcasm when used by Fools and the like IS considered to be the LOWEST form of Wit and the very last resort and retort of such Fools, don't you?
Oh, and btw, in Spanish, Paloma simply means a DOVE of ANY colour, whereas the terminology of Paloma Blanca means " White Dove."
Since in Spanish, as in many other languages also, the Adjective ( descriptive word FYI) follows AFTER the Noun ( Naming Word).

There has been more sarcasm and downing negative name calling than I have ever experience in my life on these post. Just because I oppose covid vaccines.

@Castlepaloma Sorry BUT I am, atm , ALL out of I.D.G.A F's but please accept a few "Rat's Arses" instead.
OR, perhaps you may prefer a D.I.L.LI.G.A,F or three instead?

I love how the biggest herbivores are bigger
, live longer and for more millions of years than predator. You guys can sure follow those predators well.

@Castlepaloma FYI, there are ALWAYS more herbivores than there are Carnivores otherwise the Carnivores would eat themselves out of prey in little or no time at all.
Personally, I consider myself as being an Omnivore in that I eat both meat and vegetables, the opposite of both the Carnivore, the Herbivore and the Insectivore scientifically speaking.
Btw, your response/comment make absolutely NO sense what-so-ever.

Most of those predators you follow are the 1%. I don't follow them at all. I'm king of my own domain.

@Castlepaloma Have you ever heard the old saying of "The BIGGER they think they are, the harder they shall fall."
" Hubris is a VICE that taints the person for always and should be avoided wherever possible, Humility, on the other hand, is a VIRTUE and should nurtured and fostered always." -William Anthony, 2021.

I've said a few times here, I'm no better and no worse than anyone else. Except some things I do dominate at and although YinYan is really important.

The covid world order and oxymoron normal is a onesided hazard to our health. I have been too successfully big myself and was not happy. Made the adjustments and happy now.

@Castlepaloma A little and most humble suggestion for you here, Please try not to go outside your house when the winds are blowing, they may well cause all of those tickets you have about yourself to be blown off.


I got lawyers jealous of me for being an artist. Envy is not pretty neither. In Nova Scotia the ocean playground, feels just right!!! like the 3 bears story.

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