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I'm always amazed at the scammer police here... Pity the poor newcomer who isn't a scammer. How do you react when you see a picture posted of an attractive woman saying hello?

To scam or not to scam

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lerlo 8 Apr 28

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Too cunning Lerlo ( or should we call you Lie Lo) , waiting until you hit 8 to launch your dizzyingly devious double down duping escamotage.

Been an 8 for over a year and don't care if I get any higher but thanks for noticing. Just finally got fed up with the scammer police who think they need to protect us


FFS, you forgot the option that one rolls their eyes and scrolls on by

The scammer police don't do that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›

@lerlo many of us do

@Larimar then you're not policing πŸ™‚


I generally don't respond to hello posts regardless of who posts it or what they look like. That's just me though. Say hi to whomever you want. They'll either write back or not. Don't send anyone money and you'll be fine.


Sometimes it’s blatantly obvious. It takes but a quick trip to their profile to all but confirm.


It depends on my mood and how obvious of a scammer they are.


Who are you referring to?

Tejas Level 7 Apr 28, 2021

Typically I ignore them and everyone else.
One time it annoys me so I say something a bit hostile and a poll goes up.
BTW, my answer doesn't fit in the pole options you presented and frankly goes something like, "My response will vary with my mood and whatever is driving that isn't your business."

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