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I like to talk politics and religion. If you love jesus or the orange menace, I'm not for you. Btw, I was just attacked by a dog so I have a scar on my face and lips (this photo was pre-scar. I'll load a newer one soon.)

lauraisamazon 4 Apr 16

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Be well young lady that means little I can see the pain there if you think it makes a difference,only with people that are crap anyway. Trump is a orange orangutang. And scars can be fixed.


How terrible you were attacked by a dog and they got to your face. Two Alaskan Malmutd attacked my little dog. I stuffed my hand in the one’s mouth to get Barnie out. I wound up with seven stitches in my hand. The young nurse at my doctors office who cleaned up the wound had major scarring on her face. She said she had been attacked by a dog too when she was younger. It must be more common than I would have thought. I hope you have healed well.


Welcome Relax about scars. The greater part of beauty cannot be percieved by the eyes alone. The same principle applies to 'scars'. The least of them can be 'seen'.

In a similar way, politics and religion differ about as much from one another as phyche and soma. They are different aspects of the same phenomenon; one set of promises will be fulfilled by ethereal gods and the other set by earth-bound gods. They both need worship and money; oh yeah, lots of money. πŸ™‚


Welcome to the community.


Nice hat!


Lot to talk about and 'sorry to hear of your ordeal with a dog. Anyways... you are home! Heal, Live and Prosper!

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