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Well we certainly have our share of ridiculous terms these days... When did you first decide we needed them? Which one of these did you decide we needed first?

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lerlo 8 May 15

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Not completely with you on this. Most individuals are not consciously present of the moment, so I think the phrase is useful when reminding ourselves to be conscious “in the moment”. An illustration of this: I have a friend who has lived here for 20 years. The Imperial Sand Dunes are about 15 miles west of where she lives. You can see these dunes from the top of the hill on 1st Street heading west...between the tops of the trees in the distance and below any clouds that might (rarely) be there. One day in the car, I said, “I always get a thrill when I see the dunes from here” and she said she had never noticed. She drives that street nearly every day and in 20 years never noticed that you can see the dunes. Most of us are unaware of our surroundings and what is going on either outside, or inside, ourselves. We must make an effort to BE “in the moment” and appreciate it, for whatever it is.

@MsKathleen she has always been in the moment concentrating on you...🙂 whatever she's thinking or doing "at or in the moment" she's thinking or doing. Just because she didnt notice something that you did only means she wasn't in YOUR moment 😉

@lerlo If one is not noticing what is happening around one, one is not “in the moment “.

@MsKathleen you mean if someone is not noticing what you're noticing 🙂 If you're in a deep conversation with someone and they are deeply concentrating on you and have no idea what's going on around them, under your definition they are not in the moment. On the other hand if they aren't paying attention to what you're saying and are taking in their surroundings you'd get pissed and say they weren't in the moment because they weren't concentrating on you..kind of a can't win situation eh? 😉

@lerlo No, I mean if someone is not noticing their surroundings, they are not “in the moment”. MY experience has nothing to do with them. You know, I have not rendered complex ideas here; I have stated everything very simply. Quit trying to make it something that it isn’t. You are inferring that I am trying to make her experience about me, which I am not. I am pointing out that if one is not aware of one’s surroundings, one is not “in the moment”, one is preoccupied with something else. And I have stated that I consider “in the moment” a legitimate expression. You don’t have to agree with me. And you don’t have to try to de-legitimize my perspective or twist what I say. As I recall, you have done this crap in the past and that is why I blocked you, which will happen again very shortly, because I do not care to participate in these foolish conversations with people that I perceive to be assholes.

@MsKathleen Got it. Guess you don't like dictionaries that have more than one definition for a word 🙂 I don't suggest researching the term.

@lerlo Not so...I just don’t like assholes.


Needless to say, ....

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