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I like to bring these quotes up every time I hear that the US is a christian nation

glennlab 10 May 25

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Thanks, I saved the meme for future responses to pots on Facebook.


How come I only get 8 like and 1 comment when I post this and you get 37 reactions and counting? How do I become more popular? What scandal do I need? 🙂

not sure, guess it's just timing and placement. I've had similar experience to youirs.

@glennlab I put this under politics...

@UrsiMajor Politics often doesn't get as many responses.

@UrsiMajor I've had people post the same meme in the same group within a day or two, so there is no magic formula.


It's a shame that we can't teach things like that in public schools anymore. History, who the f*** needs history. 🙁 Thomas Paine had a lot of good ones too. 😁


It is time to stop letting the Fascists, the wealthy and their corporations to use religious beliefs to take over and suppress the rights of the rest of us who are guided by factual scientific facts and common legal directions to stop these insane disabling tactics of illegal legal control of our lives!!!

The utter control of the local, county, state, and federal elected offices with obstructionist fascist who use religion to control those who do not understand that the law of the this country was never founded on religious beliefs!

These religious fanaticism is used to usher in controls which will in the end will benefit only the wealthy and their corporations!!!


It wasn't but until the Evangelicals are kept out of power permanently it is.


I like the quotes from the founding fathers of the US.


America is a secular nation.

@creative51 They are full of shit.

America was meant to be a secular nation. The fundies are getting closer everyday to turning it into a religious nation 😟

@freeofgod fuck em


You Betch'a!


Xians care little for reality.


The problem with such Christians is that they choose to be willfully ignorant. Facts frighten them.


Imagine just how screwed the country would be had they been Christians.
As it stands Christians are doing every dishonest thing they can think of to make their delusional opinions about national politics become reality available to them, and they're still demonstrably wrong.


The replacement of "E Pluribus Unum" with "In God We Trust" was a treasonous act.

@creative51 and that have to be reversed. Period.

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