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Is "riot" the right adjective for January 6th?

How should America describe January 6th

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domos 6 May 28

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all of them and the senators that helped should be arrested too


Terrorism intends to change what a government is doing, ergo Terrorist attack


All of the above!


You forgot "All of the above" for a last choice.

Well given how America likes to describe massacres as riots... An "all of the above" options seemed a bit dismissive


I call it the Beerbelly Putsch.


In the future this will be used as a threat.
In the military there’s an analogous thing called a blanket party. Where they throw a blanket over a sleeping “trouble maker” to hold them down while everyone not holding down the blanket takes turns assaulting the person under the blanket.
So “We’re going to throw you a blanket party” is a real threat, just like “We’re going to throw you a Republican Party” should be.


Attempted coup/attempted insurrection, either works, as does riot, really. Even terrorist attack is not that far from the mark.
What do these fools think would have happened if they were able to catch Congress in Session? Would they have harmed/killed many? Would they have "hanged Mike Pence"? Did they think that anything they did would stand? Maybe, they were egged on by the Orange-turd & his cronies so to them they had a veneer of legitimacy. & how they went about this act was totally in line with a tRumpian/QAnon world-view - mob-rule & violence. So much for the Constitution that they profess to adore. Hypocritical thugs!


"Normal tourist visit" isn't an option? 😉

If the Gift Shoppe is closed, nope!

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