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How many people believe this 9 year old girl wrote her own speech?

Does this 9 year old have that much knowledge of politics to make this speech?

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redbai 7 June 24

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Nope, she's just regurgitating right wing racist nonsense. She didn't come to these views herself.


She could have written it but based only on the views that are held by those around her.


"Biden's so-called inauguration?" Riiight.

I know. When I heard that I was like, damn, she not only knows about the inauguration at 9 yrs old she also has an opinion on it. I'd love to have a conversation with her on how she developed her opinion. Somehow I think the answer is gonna be, "That's what mommy said."

Exactly. Her own--or more acurately, her parents' politics is on full display there.
She wants a full ban on political messages? Well close down civics and history classes, then.

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