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Tiny house living, anyone? Pros, cons? How big is your tiny home?

OrangeJuice 6 Apr 18

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I have had them, I want again. My ideal is small house, big yard/property.


I don't want a tiny tiny house like the tv and Internet boast, I need room to move around. But a small home would be perfect.


Mine is currently at 56 square feet. The greenhouse will add another 64 to 96 square feet. That's the passive solar heating part of the structure. I'm not paying $300-$400 per square foot for one of those trailer mounted ones. Mine will probably cost about $25 per square foot. Philosophically speaking, I think tiny houses should be built with tiny budgets, otherwise the whole 'movement' gets co-opted and becomes a playground for the rich! I'm a fan of the idea of alternative housing and reducing size and space but not a fan of it costing just as much as a much larger space. Who can really afford $40,000 for 100 square feet of living space??? Not me!!


I gotta say that I really don't get the whole tiny house thing. Where I live there are plenty of ~1000 sqft houses for sale in decent neighborhoods in the $25 - $50k price range. Not like that everywhere, I know.


I think it would be best suited for persons who want ot live alone. I like my alone time.


Here's a thousand-square-foot, 1870s, English-garden-gorgeously quaint Brooklyn row house whose open house I went to a few weekends ago. $2 million asking price! That's $2,000/square foot! And it's on a beautiful alley in a beautiful neighborhood, but 15 minutes walk to a subway station, where here in NYC is considered a great inconvenience:


It had previously rented for up to $4,900/month: []

Many of those micro row houses, originally built for poor workers and their families, have been selling for high amounts. One a few doors down sold for $1.5 million a few years ago.


I’m considering a Container Home for my next.


Mine is 2100 square feet not so tinny.

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