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I like to confront my own bias, I know I have blind spots and I know I'm ignorant of many cultures but I just a a youngish Irish traveller knock my door touting for business (I'm probably the only person for 50 miles who understood a word he said ?), but I wouldn't let him near my house! He wanted to paint my windowsills. As much as I like to confront my bias how to I get past the bias of my own culture that has taught me travellers are dodgy fuckers and my own experiences of travellers which has been anything but positive. The women are grand but the men I've found to be very aggressive! Are there any travellers here to help me change my mind. Also as an aside to any Irish people on here I had a massive crush on Blacky Connors in Glenroe back in the day ?.

Josephine 7 Apr 18

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"Fuckin 'ate pykies".
And no, my people 'came in' during the 1930s. That means settle into a house.

Around where I live, we get a number of Eastern European travellers, but the number has dropped markedly with this bloody Brexit nonsense.


i was a traveler for a few years, hitch hiking, walking, and floating rivers, around washington, oregon, and parts of idaho. i found that with travelers, its just like every other group, theres good and bad. i will say tho that i have found quite a few who are biased themselves. where they have respect for fellow travelers, they may not be so kind to folks who stay put. there is also the fact that the lifestyle of a traveler can be very useful to people with nefarious intentions. you can get away with some pretty big scams if you do it fast and move along quick. but not all of us are out there because it makes it easier to get away with crappy behavior. i know for me, i wanted to get a bigger view than just my little world. also i tend to get wanderlust, so it was a good way to deal with both those urges. for others, it can be something like maybe they just don't fit into the mainstream way of life. others still use it as an opportunity to get away from people in the larger sense, only going around them when they feel ready, depending on where you travel, you can go days or weeks or months without seeing another human. may i suggest, if you would like to give this fellow a chance, while still being on the safe side, you could allow him to do outside work keep your blinds and doors closed(sometimes the bad ones are just looking to scope the place out) invite some folks over for a nice backyard picnic or something so your not alone, and see how it goes. i agree it is always best to be cautious, but its also good not to let it control you. i hope this helped a bit

Byrd Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

There is confronting you bias and then there is trusting your gut. I don't care who you are, if you come to my door offering services that I didn't ask for, you have a tough sell ahead of you


You don't lock your door to keep people indoors. I'm sure you can find someone recommended to do things for you as and when you may need them. who can you really trust?


I have never pesonally met a Traveler as in the US they are incredibly rare, moreso than Ireland. only have seen them on TV, seems like a very interesting culture. ive met Romanis but they are very different. only about 30,000 travelers estimated exist in Ireland with total world population estimated in a high of 95,000. could be as low as 65,000.


I'd have done the same - but then, I'd be extremely suspicious of any tradesperson who knocked on my door touting for business. If I need something done, I'll find someone to do it.

Jnei Level 8 Apr 18, 2018

Where I live I am sandwiched between traveller camps and to be honest, they are ok. Their tradition tells them that if a thing is not being used, it should be free to use by them. Kinda makes sense except we generally consider it theft! I once took a young lass home from the launderette, my washer had broken and she'd helped me with those huge machines. She had her families' washing and 4 little uns running about. She couldn't have been older than 25yrs old. She couldn't read or write and told me she'd been married at 14 but she was bright as a button. Trust goes both ways of course and her fella gave her a right ear bashing for getting in my car. Mental illnesses is endemic in the gypsy community and poorly understood, its rare they read or write, leave school about 12 and marry very young. It is something I have considered further research for my doctorate. Closed communities often have lots of problems and it appears that restricting access to education is the way they maintain the structure. They aren't the only ones of course, the Brethern and the Frumm Jewish communities have similar issues but Travellers do live more closely to use 'settled' types...interesting

Lack of education and lots of god does it every time


I can honestly say i have met both sides.. as in really lovely and a real nightmare. I think due to the way travellers lives are and the lack of places for em to live they are just hardened to survival.

I know certain crowds i can mix with with those kinda peeps in.. They don't come to my house though. We mix up to a point. People i know like that are quite open about the fact that they rip people off sometimes.

It's tough .. I don't think your concern is unwarranted. I love some of my aquaintances from those crowds but as you say, there is a fair element of shady. Tough call always as you wan't to help, yet don't want to open up to being stung. Thats how it is for me.. I help anyone on the street but who comes to my house is different .. It's sacred.


Let him paint your windowsills but put him in leg irons first !

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