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The proof is the pudding.. how about just stitched on the sweat shop clothes.

mistymoon77 9 July 7

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No fucking shit..... And some of the blame also goes to consumers, both middle class and above, who voted with their dollars to support this outsourcing of jobs instead of continuing to pay a little more and buy from the American suppliers that were still available early in this outsourcing process. Every spending decision we make as consumers is political, whether we realize it or not....


China has reverse engineered nearly everything that wasn’t brought to them to produce. Look at the Wish app


Look at where most of the stuff at Walmart and Target come from (and I could go on and on) and same label.


Yes, but what a great way to stir up race/national hatreds

Exactly. The unwarranted fear factor is all the Republicans have to keep those without the ability for critical thought in line.


It is way past time to place blame where it rightfully belongs.

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