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China Killing It With Their Vaccine Rollout. They will have herd immunity because they probably are making the vaccine compulsory. They won't tolerate hillbillies screeching "My Freedoms"

barjoe 9 July 8

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What's amazing is that Japan now has only 15% of its population fully vaccinated.
You would think when they spent billions of dollars to host the Olympics that they would vaccinate their population so they could host plenty of visitors, but evidently not.
We focus on all the stupid decisions our government makes, but foreign governments make just as many (if not more) bad decisions.

BD66 Level 8 July 9, 2021

Amazing. India has to step up. They have a population as big as China. PM Modi is a despot. The largest democracy in the world with the largest pharma manufacturing in the world and they have done a horrible job on their vaccine rollout.

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