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Dating in Arizona:

Here's a quote from a woman's profile:
"No I haven't gotten....the shot/ vaccine , not going to put something like that in my body, I have an immune system."
Do I have to include that she said she voted for trump? I bet you all knew that🤣

So this is akin to believing in god and everything else is man's will? I have an immune system and if it doesn't stop something I deserve to get sick and die?

lerlo 8 July 13

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Fine lady, get sick and die. Just don't come a knocking on the hospital door and involve the already overworked staff.


Polio? Rubella? Smallpox? Tetanus? Cholera? Bubonic plague? Yellow fever? Anthrax?

The woman is a raving lunatic, but she has every right to commit suicide by virtue of her own willful ignorance.

@anglophone here here!


Trump supporters are telling us that Nature has a reason for doing what it does. If Nature creates a virus then we have to die from it, Nature is in control. I wist I had the name of the idiot who said this or something like it. I have to believe that the human species is splitting into two variations, one smart enough to live on the planet and the other smart enough to figure out how to fall of the edge or allow Nature to take their life when there is an option. Thoughts?

@dalefvictor Come on, you know "Nature" is code for god's plan...and hopefully with the Delta strain god's plan is to kill as many of the idiots as possible with hopefully very little collateral damage


She may change her tune after being hospitalized with the Delta variant.

Natural selection.

I am not so sure. I came across somebody on this site in the last 24 hours whose uncle died of a ruptured appendix because he was convinced that it was "a test from God" and refused to even see a doctor.


I think the profile proves the woman is nuts and someone to take a hard pass on, unless you enjoy crazy with sex and think she's hot enough looking to take the risk for some casual sex. Your call.

@TomMcGiverin I don't do stupid 😉

@lerlo A wise decision, neither do I. I never knowingly date crazy or stupid, the sex is not worth it.

@TomMcGiverin what's sex?

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