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My posts are going to be an erratic balance of deep philosophical questions, smartassery and prose more purple than the Mad Titan Thanos, so fair warning. ?

By AssassinofWords5
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Smartassery: I love that word!! Smartasses make the World an exciting place to live in. In a converstion with my therapist yesterday, he very politely informed me that I am just kind of an asshole.
We both laughed!!! SMARTASSERY works for me thank you very much!


Looking forward to it!


Awesome -what was the question again

Rosh Level 7 Apr 19, 2018

'True wit is worth more than all Infinity Stones' - Oscar Wilde (maybe)

djalicex Level 5 Apr 19, 2018

Duly noted!


Bring it!

It's gonna be brought! ?

Lols, we'll see smile009.gif


Hey! That's my schtick.

webbew1 Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

Lol I'll try not to step on any toes while I'm here.


Fair Warning. That was Van Halen's best album ?


Come at me bro!
Let’s see what you're packing.

AmiSue Level 8 Apr 18, 2018

To which I reply...


I'm tuning in for "erratic balance".

I'd better not be disappointed...

Stay tuned...


Sounds great!

Astrojas Level 5 Apr 18, 2018

All I hear is talk sir, en garde

Have at you, knave! Parry, parry, thrust!!


Let's see what ya' got!

That's what she said.


Looking forward to it, then!

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