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Three more points to level 7

kenriley 8 Apr 20

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Way to go!



Thanks, Happy 420

@kenriley The same to you, bro! Keep on truckin'!


Yay. There ya go.


Ahhhh hopefully a helping hand!


How do you even get points?

I think by liking other peoples posts, by posting yourself ,by being the first to post gets double points. But basically you wake up up one day to a -congratulations you have now reached level whatever

@Amisja It takes a lot of comments and sleepless nights. lol

@kenriley For sure, as I say, just keep on posting.

@kenriley I'll just like all your posts

@Amisja Best compliment ever. I like yours too.


You can do it❣?☺

Emme Level 7 Apr 20, 2018

Am about the same, is this what this site is about, Nah... LOL!

LOL also


Good I am 6 points behind you. Keep posting.

You can do it too❣??

@Emme I am getting there !

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