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America's medical system cannot function normally with the burden of the anti-vaxxer campaign of this information.
For example:
An Alabama Man Dies After Being Turned Away From 43 Hospitals At Capacity : Coronavirus Updates []

Should we risk turning anti-vaxxers into second-class citizens in order to alleviate some of the burden on the medical system and its professionals?

Should we limit medical resources used on the willfully unvaccinated?

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domos 7 Sep 13

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Anti-vaxxers have made themselves second class citiizens.

Well I think there are many who agree with you.. The real question is at what point are we making that a informal distinction.

At what point are we comfortable with the processes of institutions effectively segregating and discriminating access to effective healthcare because someone is willfully on vaccinated or an anti-vaxxer?

Are we going to put special identifiers on their government identification? Are we going to allow public or private entities to create what amounts to state mandated "caste system" databases...

Some could argue that the current health insurance system effectively fulfills that toxic role but it does not do so in a legally formal manner.

Can the democracy recover if we choose to go that far?

@domos since they seem to be vociferously proud of their BS, no such measures will be needed, just ask them, same as you would ask f they have leprosy, or arthritis, they will loudly tell you.
Then turn them away to the tent in the parking lot, or directly to the refrigerated trailer(s).

@AnneWimsey wow... That's kind of brutal

@domos Realistic......I am 73 & survived spousal abuse, incest, & etc, with actual scars.
Have my shots, stay home, & have a damn good life even now, for the first time in my life..
If you think for one minute I have ANY sympathy for an asshat who might willy--nilly put me under the ground (or gve me more problems than I have already, like the Congestive Heart Failure), well, you hold yer breath until my "caring" shows up......

@AnneWimsey I definitely understand your perspective. It sounds like you've burdened a fair amount of scars And don't see any reason to add to it on behalf of the anti-vaxxer/seditionist movement. If anything, you have understandable reason to perceive it as a threat.


The second option in the poll is not really relevant, as we have had a tiered health care system for decades, where there is one tier for the uninsured and poor, another for the insured who are in the middle classes, and then finally a top tier for the rich. So the idea of discriminating against the anti-vaxers being unfair or a perversion of our health care system is long out-dated and disingenuous. We have had second and third class citizens for a long time, esp. when it comes to health care, because it has never been a human right in America. If they choose to act with violence against the policies, then they should be met with violence, since their actions result in death anyway, let it include their own deaths if necessary. They are itching for a civil war, maybe it's time to have it, as long as the authorities, most likely, decide to act on our side rather than theirs. I believe they would, as the rich would instruct them to do so in order to preserve the medical system for their benefit, even if they don't care about preserving it for us peasants.

I see you have no f**** left to give.
Anyways, you make a really good point about the second option.

@domos I guess you're right about me. I felt torn between whether to choose the third or fourth option. As a collective group, the anti-vaxers caused this man to die prematurely and unneccessarily far away from his family. They should all be ashamed of themselves, but they never will. To them, it's all about being a selfish individual and you have no responsibility to society or strangers, yet they are quick to demand help from strangers and society once they need it. They have the immature attitude of small children, bratty spoiled ones.

@TomMcGiverin in my hypothesis is that many of the anti-vaxxers view the pandemic as it means to slow down or fight back against the Democratic change in the Western world.

I really think not enough scrutiny is being paid to public and private institutions that have allowed ineffective regulations to erode public confidence not to mention the long-running poison pill of a s***** education system deliberately hobbled against systemic problems...

So long as these people believe the sickness is more threat to non-white people than it is anything else... They will keep this going. And the assholes in the media who make money off of supporting this anti-vaxxer s*** will keep on trucking.

I never thought the day would come in which I seriously considered reducing the freedom of speech in order to carve out exceptions to punish things like Fox News but I seriously can't come up with better ideas.

If democracy is going to modernize and adapt to a more difficult world, we're going to have to harden ourselves. A good number of the political and media tactics of the far right will need to be criminalized.... Possibly up to an including capital punishment.

I feel uncomfortable even contemplating such extremes but this behavior is nuts! It's like witnessing an evil theocracy gestating/mutating everyday... Right before your eyes. Totally unhinged!

@domos You are not being alarmist to fear that the far right is the American version of the Taliban and they are serious about using violent force to achieve a theocracy here in America, since they know they can't win it thru elections. What you are seeing shows why governments in Cuba and Russia, much as they abused their power against dissidents there and curtailed freedoms to prevent opposition, were as repressive as they were, because in both cases they fought bloody revolutions to get power, and they were damned well not going to just let their opponents win it back with their own insanity and manipulations of the gullible masses.


This is beyond me. Over the past year I have come to appreciate what a stupid nation this is. I don't know if there is any answer to this epidemic of stupidity.

I'm surprised they haven't resorted to burning books in the streets and drinking antifreeze to ward off the common cold.

These people could literally devolve and regress all the way back to Salem witch trials level reasoning and still the far right politicians would cover for them

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