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This is what the obstructionist republican fascists state about rape!!!
These are dangerous Ill- educated unethical morally bankrupted elected individuals!!!

of-the-mountain 8 Sep 15

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To say that these Republicans are morally bankrupt is to state the obvious. Tell us something we don’t already know.

Put your ass out there by educating us further with your so called intellectual presents by enlightening instead of being a pure ass!!!

@of-the-mountain I’m afraid I don’t have any “intellectual presents” to offer, however I will apologize for painting with too broad a brush. Not ALL Republicans are morally bankrupt. Only those who supported Trump and his re-election. There are a good number of Republicans, both in and out of government, who have made clear their disdain for 45, perhaps the most unethical and immoral President we’ve ever seen.

But the Republicans who hold sway in the party today are morally bankrupt when it comes to protecting Trump from being prosecuted, getting at the facts behind the January 6 insurrection, protecting a woman’s constitutional right to choose what to do with her body, actively defying science when it comes to climate change and steps needed to recover from the pandemic, and protecting the super rich with unnecessary tax breaks at the expense of blue collar wage earners.

If the Republicans could somehow find a way to get back to their roots, they might once again be viewed as a respectable party. But so long as they don’t listen to people in their ranks like Lisa Murkowski on pro choice, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, George W. Bush and John Kasich on Trump’s behavior, Darrell Issa on tax policy, the views of Barry Goldwater, Jr. on the separation of church and state and Bobby Jindal on simply not being “the stupid party,” they will continue on their downward trajectory.

I have voted Republican in the past, but I no longer recognize the majority of those who make it through the primaries to the general elections today as true Republicans: men and women who honor the examples of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt or Dwight Eisenhower.

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