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Trump CFO's lawyer says he suspects more indictments on way


xenoview 8 Sep 20

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It really sounds weird, as several Trump Organization employees, but not Donald Trump himself, will be charged in a criminal case of possible tax break fraud. Doesn't it mean they have nothing for Trump, so they will attack his backing? I'm pretty sure he has enough resources to hire any top-notch lawyer company, such as [federal-] But what will the result be? They want to mute him, but he has nothing but to fight democrats. However, given the number of anti-vaxxers among Trump supporters, no one will be alive till next election 🙂

Brodi Level 3 Nov 15, 2021

Gee, drumpy sure knows how to hire the best & brightest.....


He has no evidence of that. Let him work on the charged that are in front of him.

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