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Sometimes it is ok to take a step back and admit you are being completely ridiculous.

Jolanta 9 Sep 23

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What do you think about life in general that is NOT ridiculous?

Well, some things are but my life is pretty good if I may say so myself, even while I am here sitting in lockdown week six.


What have you done this time?


Don’t be ridiculous! πŸ˜‰


That is exactly what the guy said after he stepped back falling off a cliff. Ridiculouuuuuuus

Word Level 8 Sep 23, 2021

I have NEVER been completely ridiculous. Frequently I'm vaguely ridiculous, occasionally somewhat ridiculous, often mildly ridiculous, sometimes slightly ridiculous, and maybe mostly ridiculous a few times, but I have NEVER been COMPLETELY ridiculous!

And if you ever accuse me of that again I'm coming to your house and I'm bringing my tuba, a pillowcase full of shredded lettuce, eleven spatulas, and a live (obviously) kookaburra!

I’d pay to witness that! Especially the live kookaburra!


I live to make people laugh, do not care what I have to do to get that reaction!

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