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I thought Matt Gaetz was trying to NOT look guilty...

Matt Gaetz campaign hires Jeffrey Epstein lawyer in connection to Justice Department investigation, report claims


Dyl1983 8 Sep 28

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He's a Jeffrey Epstein without billions, a British madam, and an island to hide his disgusting deeds. Makes sense he'd hire his idol's attorney.

He best get ready because the deal Epstein got certainly isn't going to happen twice.



Well, at least the lawyer has experience with Gaetz's specific crime.


Not much to read without signing up with them.


All these so called investigations into these people-- Goetz, Guliani Trump and that guy Weisselberg....- and when does anything ever happen? They say that the wheels of justice go slow, but in the US they just spin for effect -- if you're rich or connected.


It will be a wonderful day, the day this fucking Pedophile is locked up! I hope it happens soon!


Idiots tend to stick together

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