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The US -- The Future - Civil War or Authoritarian Rule?

Don't know if you're watching US non Fox mainstream TV, but the alarm and fear about the rising Trump - Republican autocratic ascendency is real and palpable. Personally I think it's way beyond anything like 'well, Trump will be good for ratings,' as was the case in 2016. The crumbling of any moderating forces in the Republican party, the dismantling of electoral systems at state level, and belief that the mid term election will neuter an already weak Biden Administration and 2024 will bring Trump back and nothing will stop him and the fascist leaning Republicans then, is unfolding daily.

So, it seems to me the two scenerios are: Authoritarian rule or civil war -- the former a complete capitulation of the weak structures that make up America's democratic institutions (if you can call them that) including a subservient military top brass, and the latter a divide and conflict between pro and anti Trump and Trumpism.

I don't know myself, but lets face it, civil war is in the American DNA, and it has never really left, has it?

The only other scenerio is that the Democratic Party win in 2022 and 2024 and vote overwhelmingly against Trumpism and the Republicans. First, I don't see Americans doing that, and secondly the autocratic Republican party will call any result, no matter how decisive, if they lose, a fraudulent election.

Which would you predict -- autocracy or civil war? Do you see any other possible scenario, as I don't? What do members here outside of the US think? We are watching this slow motion train wreck, but it's going to bring us down too.

David1955 8 Oct 13

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I have no idea how this is going to play out, but it's the worst crisis since the years before the Civil War. I expect a lot of right wing violence before it's over, and the republic as we know it may not survive. A military junta is not out of the realm of possibility either.

I second that. Prediction is out of my quiver so I won't attempt that, either, but David's two scenarios are both possible. There's a third, however, and it's my choice. Death by cop. Hopefully my aim is good enough in that scenario to take out at least one of them before dying.

@rainmanjr Specific predictions are basically never on the money, as essentially every major human made catastrophe in history tells us. None of them were ever predicted in detail. General predictions along the line of "this isn't going to end well" are often quite accurate, and pretty safe to say this is one of those times.

@Druvius My favorite version of "this isn't going to end well" was Indy Jones' "I've got a bad feeling about this." I agree that it seems that way but so did things like the actual Civil War and we emerged from such times. One might argue even stronger (pun intended). I think what's coming (environment) on the heels of our political/social problems will likely do it. But, certainly if an authoritarian govt has taken hold and rounding up liberals, I don't figure on being here for it so I don't consider those conditions. I think we're a silly species, anyway.

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