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Fifteen days into a FREE four weeks Silver Sneakers whole body wellness challenge, I realized that it isn’t necessary to try to view the videos on my iPad, I could download YouTube to my smart TV and have a 50” screen to work out along with! Here is the link to the main page, followed by a link to the first video.

KateOahu 8 Oct 16

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I also teach my SilverSneakers classes through Zoom since I'm out of town, this is my last week. If any of you are interested, I'll PM you and give you my meeting ID and passcode, if anyone wants to join in!


How fun! Happy to hear that you're doing the challenge!


Thanks! I love to exercise with YouTube! Leslie Sansone and Nick Hot (yes, I know!!!) have some nice low-impact cardio workouts which I do several times a week. I'll try the Silver Sneakers one, too.

The ones you watch are probably more challenging than Silver Sneakers.

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