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So, this happened this morning.

Sitting in the area of the Publix pharmacy designated for waiting on scripts, shots, etc.
There were 4 of us waiting our turns for vaccines.
Younger guy, leg in boot, for his first Pfizer dose.
Elderly gentleman, no idea which shot he was there for.
Middle aged woman, there for a flu shot.
I was there to get the first of two shingles shot. (Turns out, I didn't need to get it, as I got both shots last year. Yay!!)

Three of us were masked, one wasn't.
Take a guess which one wasn't masked.
Obviously, I was masked.

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KKGator 9 Oct 29

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i guessed the woman because that is what i see. fox watching grannies with a crush on fucker carlson and a grandson in jail. working too hard at a no future min. wage job giving her $ to the almost hitched future daughter in law so the young ones can eat chips and drink soda. sad and common.

Unfortunately, that is the case all too often.

As for the woman this morning, I have no clue.
All I know about her is, she wasn't wearing a mask inside a supermarket (that clearly requests everyone be masked), and she was really rude to the pharmacist.

Everything else is supposition.
But, she pissed me off, and seemed to be doing her best to reinforce a few negative stereotypes.


I guessed the middle aged woman as somehow I could smell..."KAREN" 😂


Crappy poll. Sorry.
It was the middle aged woman.

She looked like she couldn't be bothered to be concerned with anyone but herself.
She was snotty to the pharmacist, too.

She pissed me off.
I'm over it now.

Thanks to those of you who played along.

Would have been PRICELESS if someone walking by had sneezed on her...😂...I would have been on the floor 😂

Yea, I chose "wisely." I just got my booster last week.


No idea. Not enough information, you are asking us to assume, based on stereotypes. But like the old joke goes. Assume makes an ass out of you and me. (Spelling joke.)

I just asked you to guess. Not to assume.
I know that old adage.

@KKGator OK. I guess it was you.

@Fernapple Nope. I don't leave the house without my mask on.

@KKGator You see I knew I would be no good at guessing, stick to assumptions.


Trying to analyze, I figure the young guy was getting his covid shot should be masked; no idea for the old guy; and it seems too many middle age folks are trumpyized, so I would guess her as hypocrisy runs rampant among them.

I bet the middle aged woman had already had her covid shots and was masked accordingly, but the young guy waiting until now to get his first covid shot was unmasked.

I would think that if a young guy is conscientious enough to get a shot, he would also wear a mask.

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