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China is a criminal organization run a by Xi Jinping. This bastard is another Hitler. There is nothing decent or nice about this madman. He is insane and on the cusp of starting WWIII. All I want for Christmas is for this SOB to die of something terrible. People just vanish over there if Xi Jinping does not like the truth or you. They use forced labor, sell and trade in body body parts of convicts and lock people up for decades for speaking up against his crap regime.

A female tennis star just disappears because she was raped I'm sure by one of his henchman all for telling the truth. A fully integrated corrupt country that is run by all his cronies who live the high-life and control everything. If Xi Jinping had his way he'd take over the entire world. JinpingPutz is his new name I'm giving him and he will go down in history as one of the worst people ever born.


Tourirst 7 Nov 18

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I couldn't get through to your link, but I'll take your word for it, at least until I read about it myself. Btw, what you mean about "body parts?"
But comparing him to Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot is quite a leap, isn't it? They were responsible for the deaths of at least 25 million people. There were "banana republics" in Latin America, and neo-nazi regimes in South America arguably just as bad.
There and elsewhere the U.S. toppled democracies and socialist countries alike, for not being pro-American and anti-communist (or pro-corporation) enough for us. All these regimes were ultra-brutal dictatorships.
Just like the U.S. might become thanks to people like Donald Trump. It's what happens when people consider themselves above the law, are consumed by unbridled megalomania, and can simply eliminate critics rather than be held accountable.
Who knows what's going on in Belarus or Russia or North Korea or...who knows where?
So why are you singling out China? And is it him personally, or the entire party apparatus?
I'm not defending him or that regime, just asking.
Does this exonerate Trump, Bannon, and the rest HIS henchmen, for their clumsy misinformation campaign against the Chinese "communists" over covid-19 and other issues? Didn't they only succeed in pissing them off and prompting them to keep their border shut against the U.S. and others in the West, rachet up the anti-U.S. propaganda machine, retaliate against Trump's ridiculous trade war with sanctions of their own, and escalate their militarization if the South China Sea?
I'm not saying they're good guys. Far from it. They're simply acting like typical autocrats in charge of a one-party ideologically-driven dictatorship.


In my opinion, this can describe the evangelical, conservative, republican party right here in merca..

I realize you're being hyperbolic, but as far as thought processes go, you're not far off.

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