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In a few months, I will be a great-grandmother again This time, it will be a boy. Now I am collecting names. So far, I have Ethan, Alan, Hinrich (my father's name), and Mathias. This will be a headstrong baby with two tough older sisters. Interesting days are ahead of us.

Spinliesel 9 Dec 4

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I'll pass on some advice I was given by my mother. Before you settle on a name, stand on your back porch and yell it as loudly as you can 25 times, then see if you still like it.


Best wishes!

Thank you!


I love the name Alan for a man .


Always Bob


So do you have a family tradition of an elder naming the child? I know some families do. My grandsons were each given a middle name by their paternal grandfather, so they have English first names and Chinese middle names. I'm sure you'll come up with a good strong name for the latest great grandson.

My generation was named after our grandparents. I was named Antje after my father's mother and Barbara after my mother's mother. I always wished they had reversed it, but my father's mother came first. My mom could not pronounce my name correctly. She was from the Ruhrbegiet. My brother was named Gerd and his middle name should have been Adolf, after Mama's father, but mercifully, they decided he would have to live without that middle name.


Clyde Buttercup

Clyde is fine, but BNuttercup?????

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