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SJWs start victim blaming, it bound happen eventually.

ISIS Sex Slave Survivor’s Book Event Canceled Due to “Islamophobia”

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has recently canceled a book event featuring Nadia Murad, author of The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State.
28-year-old Murad is a survivor of the Yazidi genocide, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and a human rights activist.
She was captured by ISIS at the age of 19, and was taken into slavery for three months before she escaped.
According to TDSB, Murad’s book could
offend some Muslim students and promote “Islamophobia.”

LenHazell53 9 Dec 11

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While it looks like someone within the school board defiantly showed their ass with the initial take, the event seems to have still gone forward. Embarrassing on the international stage, but not cancelled.

I post this here since the OP could'nt be bothered too. Must be because it dosen't fit their agenda.

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I am afraid you are mistaken
The link you posted refers to a completely different case (that of Marie Henein author of Truth: A Memoir) unrelated to the one I referenced (Nadia Murad, author of The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State.)
Ms Henein was also banned by the TDSB because as a defence lawyer she did her job and represented Jian Ghomeshi at his trial for sexual assault, something apparently she should not have done because you know guilty until proven innocent.
There is a mention of the Murad case later in the article, but it is not the main focus and what is mentioned backs up my post, since it details how the TDSB had to be corrected and advised to rethink their policy.


I think people need to learn more about what is happening around and realize who the true villain is


There's no link to your source.

I have no reason to believe anything you say unless you can corroborate it.

And usually it's SJW's who are call-out victim-blaming, so either this is an exception to the rule or you don't know what a SJW is.

I have a feeling SJW is simply a pejorative you use against anybody with a point of view you don't like.

Doesn't matter. No link, no way for anybody to know for sure.

Try googling it, I'm not writing a thesis here, and frankly I could not give a flying fuck if you believe me or not!

@LenHazell53 Try showing your work and maybe I will care enough to bother googling it. Idiot.

@Mb_Man Really, grow up.


It's not my job to make your points for you.

"Google it" is right up there with "do your own research" on the Lazy Right-Wing Dipshit checklist.

@Toonman Mb_Man did, use his link if you like 🙂

By the way I am a card-carrying socialist, have been for forty years so have no knowledge of the "Lazy Right-Wing Dipshit checklist." something you seem very familiar with?

@LenHazell53 Idiots come in all shapes, sizes and stripes. The fact that you can't be bothered to share a link is all I need to know.

"Grow up"

In school, you learn to show your work and/or cite your sources, or else get no marks for the work. If I need to grow up, then apparently YOU need to return to primary school.

@Mb_Man "Idiots come in all shapes" How very true and how very self-aware.


"Murad’s book could offend some Muslim students..." as damn well it should. Islam is a blight upon the history of humankind.

Along with every other religious cult, and they are all cults.

@jlynn37 Right you are, Lynn. But right now, Islam is leading in beheadings.


I thought Canada had better sense than that.

We think that because they're polite and are dismissive of us (just enough to find it cute). This is J.J.'s latest video but look back and you'll find many about Canada's politics and history that are instructive. He's Canadian Conservative, gay, late 30's, and writes for the WA Post.

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