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The "War on Science".

PBuck0145 7 Dec 11

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For those who wish to think for themselves:


Cherry- picked propaganda. Trash. Take the last sentence: "If anything, conservatives are more scientifically literate than liberals are." Yeah, right.


Stossal is not a fair and balanced reporter and seems to have a bias against the left and liberals and democrats. When it comes to anti-vaccine, pro-creationism, anti-climate change, flat Earth and other conspiracy theories and the overall embracing of ignorance conservatives do so much more often and on a much wider basis than the right. I have yet to meet a conservative that doesn't believe in some sort of non-scientific nonsense. And they hold tight to their non-science nonsense. Some on the right may be wrong about some things such as GMOs but I think more are willing to at least listen to science.

Also, keep in mind that often corporations are behind this anti-science. If you look deep at who is spreading anti-GMO misinformation you will likely find it rooted to some corporation that sells organic food.

And yes, some recycling is an utter waste of time and the worthwhileness varies from region to region due to what recycling centers exist.

So yea, this "report" is highly biased and I call bullshit. But that's just my opinion.

I have no time for the OP's opinions.

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