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'George Floyd' pieta stolen after artist receives death threats
"Blasphemous" Painting of George Floyd As Jesus Stolen

On November 24th, a controversial painting, titled “Mama” was stolen from the Mary Mirror of Justice Chapel in the Catholic University of America (CUA). The painting shows a black Mary cradling the body of Jesus after his crucifixion, similar to Michaelangelo's Pieta sculpture. The painting drew controversy for depicting Jesus in the likeness of George Floyd.
Former Catholic University College Republicans President, Blayne Clegg, considered the comparison between George Floyd and Almighty God's sinless son is a "damning disservice to the vast majority of Catholics."

Atheist Republic 12/16/21


LenHazell53 9 Dec 16

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Jesus was black


Those racist fucks

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 16, 2021

The pieta was not a woman mourning the death of a god: it was a woman mourning the death of her son.


My favorite Bible story (I actually hate the Bible) is the one about the "Good" Samaritan.
Jesus and his gang of a dozen Jews in his story are all, you guessed it, Jewish!
Jews hated Samaritans.
Samaritans were promoting Communism, trying to take their firearms, promoting abortion, actively fighting for womens rights, advocating for everyone having a right to vote.
Frankly it doesn't matter what the Samaritans were for or against, they simply weren't Jews and were hated by the Jews.
If Jesus were alive today perhaps his story might be about a BLM member, or he might tell the story of the "Good" MAGA.
Every person I disagree with is a fucking Samaritan, but that doesn't mean that many of those Samaritans aren't "Good"
When the chips have been down I've been helped by people of all walks of life.
Yes some turn out to be MAGA after knowing them a few weeks because they're sweet helpful people only to see them turn into monsters as they talk about BLM much later.
I think if Jesus were alive today he'd tell the story of the "Good" Trans atheist.
Unless he were talking at an LGBT+ convention where he would tell the parable of the "Good" MAGA.
Not that I believe there's any truth to the story, but I'm frequently moved to tears by all forms of fairy tails.


Wait it was a dis-service to Catlics everywhere? By depicting Jabus as a Murdered black man? Yet the Rampent Pedophilia pales in comparison. Besides wasn't Jabus a Murdered Darkskined man from the middle east?

Yeah::: Murdered by other non-melanin challenged crazies.

Another fact we are supposed to ignore:::95% of the dark-skinned people in the US are killed by other dark-skinned people.

@JacarC of course you're Not including the number of POC that are murdered by Melinin Challenged Cops daily, white? Sorry meant to say "right"..

@JacarC Oh well, that makes it alright then

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