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Leftists' appeal to Conservatives to stop supporting 2A.


PBuck0145 7 Dec 24

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IMO, this is less about philosophy than it is about politics.
I consider myself 'progressive/liberal', and I am in favor of the 2A. 🙂


those in charge of any endeavor have always imposed their will on others.


What a crock. I know Republicans and the NRA at one point had supported gun control legislation, but Cooke's outlook is rather limited. While at the time the 2A may have been in place to protect the "white lords", the concept of self defense cannot be denied, it was important back then as it is today. The 2A these days is not about Republicans or the NRA or even protecting "white lords", it's about every citizen having the right to own whatever weapons their government possesses. If those in positions of power can own certain weapons, then all citizens should be able to, and of course Cooke purposely didn't talk about how powerful and corrupt the Government has become, not that I'm surprised. Lastly, knowing what the 2A really is (according to Cooke) will not solve the perceived problem in society, figuring out why so many people have become violent prone more now than ever and what we can do to help such people is the way we will solve the problem and thus improve society. Guns aren't the problem, never were, people who have no regard for the welfare of others is the problem.

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