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I stopped reading the Bible 50 years ago. However I am obsessed with how and when the Universe was created.......and why are we here? I guess the best answer you can come up with is in the end only an opinion.

FlyingEagle1952 6 Jan 3

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Where or when life began is immaterial.

When you began and your genetic program kicked in is what is important.

Let the dead bury the dead.

You give up easy my friend on your other questions.

You are hear to cooperate or compete, depending on your choices. You are here to evolve.

It would be a demonstrable fact, that you are the best you can possibly be, at all in time, --- given your history and contributions from all whom you have interacted with.

Jesus saw heaven here and I call it evolving perfection.

Your last is wrong as nature works to make us all have a best possible end.

That best possible end will be an objective reality for all life forms.

I think that that is an irrefutable statement of fact.



Well, oooookay, but why?
Is your life completely useless/meaningless so you think you need this answer? What difference would it make?


Who said it was created. I believe that it simply exists and is not a transitory phenomenon.


EMS=ElectroMagnetic System (the Neural Network sans physically created synopsis).


it might not be a very satisfying answer, but its worth considering that the universe has no beginning. it just boils down to existing or not, and it does. as far why we are here, why not? why do we need a reason? is that too much to expect perhaps. the universe isn't very interested in our wishes it would seem.


A little about the nature of, why questions.

I prefer the Golden girls but he makes the point beautifully.


It happens, glitch for posting twice.

This is one. Post.

You can delete one of them from the original post edit options.

Word Level 8 Jan 3, 2022
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