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While many others want to know how to achieve Atheist status, those of us who are, simply revolve around our own concepts.
What we know to be true, is deep within, rather than a statement of acomplishment.

Sagittarius20 3 Apr 23

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I don't want to achieve anything. if I never talk or hear about religion ever again I will be happy.

This group is certainly packed chock-full with religious discussions Leigh. And you’ve contributed quite a share to them, since you’re “level 8.” I hope that all the religious chatter hasn’t detratcted from your happiness. Or are you sustained by the hope that one day we will reach that point when religion is no longer discussed?

I understand that @ArturoS and the world isn't all about me so I compromise and have a bit of fun but I never really in my private life talk about religion.

@LeighShelton This leads me to consider whether everything associated with religion is bad. I can think of some good things: da Vinci’s The Last Supper, El Greco’s frescoes in the magnificent cathedral of Toledo, and to some extent the American experiment embodied in the religious freedom provisions set forth in the first amendment. And is it conceivable that we can talk about history without bringing up religion?

not everyone who is religious is bad, they're just misinformed.


You are told the answer at level 10, hang in there.

I just looked it up, that's a million points!!! I hope we also get a toaster with that?



What I know can be summed up in 4 words, I don't know shit. Except I'll be a Cav Trooper til the end of my days, you can't escape that.

I don't know shit is the most honest thing I have heard on here lol !! Fair play Mr !! None of us do do we !


Being A-theist is simply a non-belief in god(s), nothing more. Anything else is up for grabs and one can believe anything imaginable, just not god(s). Once you no longer believe in god(s), you have achieved A-theist "status". IMHO


There is no "atheist status" beyond fitting the dictionary definition of "one who lacks belief in any deities". That is the status of being without belief. You either are or arent.

What we legitimately know to be true is evidenced and substantiated and not a function of how deeply one feels. Feelings do not equal fact; in fact, feelings are not necessarily consonant with fact until after the facts are apprehended. Feelings do not necessarily lead to fact, and can lead away from fact. On the other hand, properly disciplined minds can bring facts to bear on feelings and bring feelings somewhat into harmony with substantiated fact.


I get your point. We all may be BORN atheists, but often are taught, from day one, the mythical fairytale about gods and demons and angels dancing in the head of pin. If we were dragged to church or Sunday school then the pressure is even more severe to conform to the social norm. Only through our own educational efforts are we able to break free. Which is why those in power, whether religious or political HATE the educational system. Critical thinking is a THREAT to the power THEY hold dear. My awakening began as a young child when I accidentally discovered that the word "bible" simply means "a book of books." And THAT raiseed all KINDS of questions in my little mind! And I never looked back.


PS. This LEVEL thing sounds so sci-fi...
I only joined to meet the guy in the ad for

Eh, I don't focus on the levels much myself.

You were definitely not created by God lol 😉 x


Is this Ebay?


Hope that people are wise enough to get that Atheist status is a term for the believers. They all want to know what it is & how we become Atheist. So its one way to lower the bar.

First of all, we all are born atheist. Then, after being indoctrinated by religion, we must think our way out of it.


I'll never understand why it's so complicated for some people.
It's not that hard. Just decide whether you believe in gods and religion, or not.

But if you don't believe, you'll go to Hell! 😉

@dare2dream I'm driving the bus!


Yep social convention of earning something bumps up hard against the fundamental fact that to be an atheist one simply must think, question and not accept arguments from authority figures that lack merit! Atheism is not like scientology where I am told one must struggle and sacrifice to get "Clear"! In fact its not a religion or belief system at all; Its simply NOT falling for the traps OF a belief system!

By simply not falling for superstitious nonsense and by questioning all authoritian arguments involving mysticism and dieties a person becomes an atheist easily and automatically!


I don't know that being among the most distrusted group in the U.S. among Christians is a "status" worth striving for. I do know that I am an athiest not by choice but by knowlege and understanding. I simply can not undue what I know to be real and factual.


Well alrighty... we need thinkers like this.


You said this very well. It is only via thinking that one reaches the conclusion that god is myth
We know with certainty that we feel what we know to be real in our minds. As an atheist, this freedom gives the brain freedom to think beyond items. To reach that peace which ONLY comes when one touches that edge and goes over it. Cannot understand how people who are intelligent believe is such stuff/

EMC2 Level 8 May 25, 2018

There is no reasonable justification for the existence of god. You either believe (blindly) or not For example, you can’t reason that god does not intervene to prevent horrific events from happening because she doesn’t want to fuck with nature and the natural course of events, then pray for god to save your dying grandmother. I am an atheist because in my mind and heart, I truly believe there is no such omnipotent force.


Everyone is so quick to judge!
Your opinions don't mean shit if you express them as judgement calls.
Get real or go home.
God is your idea, not mine.


There are more Atheist Fly Fishers than Atheist Republicans, according to their "group" on here.
(an LOL random observation)


I have been called an unapologetic Atheist and proud of it!


I think I do not "revolve around my own concepts".

Atheists are evidence based. The religious are faith based.

First of all, everyone is evidence based. We all get up in the morning, check the weather forcast, see blue sky and decide to leave the umbrella home. Science is evidence based. We all know science works. We watch TV. We fly in airplanes.

Strangely enough, when it comes to religion, people push all that rational thinking aside in favor of believing in things without evidence. They take it on faith.

If someone wants to know how to "achieve atheist status", tell them to quit superstition and gullibly accepting everything they hear.


Oh yeah, atheist since birth, not interested in talk, discuss, research, prove, study, read about god, church or religion.


Indeed it is.

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