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If a Christian tells you. "But not believing just leads to nihilism." Perhaps you should just tell them that nihilism is just the road to happiness. LOL

Fernapple 9 Jan 5

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No it isn't.
there are people you are toying with nihilism as a kind of intellectual game. But those whose have to live as nihilists get depressions

I don't think that is always so. I am a very happy nihilist for one.


Yall just become marxists bowing to the altar of Marxism as in this photo by Fabian socialists


You should create your own meaning and purpose in life. If this does not happen you will most likely be sad.


I don't claim to be a philosopher but I would call that realism. Also being happy all the time is ridiculous, without sad there cannot be happy.

MizJ Level 8 Jan 5, 2022

Atheism has nothing to do with nihilism.


Or you could tell the person that nihilism has nothing to do with Atheism, and ask him/her why he/she thinks it does.


Actually I would simply argue that the act of being atheist does not merit their worthless floccinaucinihilipilification

floccinaucinihilipilification' “The action of malignly estimating some thing, some action or some state of existence as being worthless" 😉


IDK about nihilism but actually, without GOD my life is more meaningful and purposeful.

Diaco Level 7 Jan 5, 2022
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