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“Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” - Karl Hess(speechwriter) & Barry Goldwater ( speaker, former Republican Arizona senator).

The seditionist movement threatens to make a Damocles sword out of the subjective nature of "liberty" and "justice" in the above quote.

Does supporting violence against the seditionist movement make us no different?

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domos 7 Jan 9

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While I think it justified I do not think that it is yet warranted. That occurs only when life or liberty is directly threatened and immanent.

How has that threshold and not already been met by the far right extremists actions of the past 5 years alone?

@domos My life or liberty has not been directly threatened. No official has told me to shut up or be incarcerated. While I see it happening to others there is that promise that our system will get to them and, so long as the institutional system is functioning, violence on their behalf would be vigilantism and then I'd be incarcerated. I think it's only justified if the institutions go down and no authority is left for a fair system to operate. Then violence is warranted as revolt, self-preservation, or suicide.

@rainmanjr So as long as you're not directly harmed by far right extremism... You're willing to be patient with the system?

@domos Have to. That's how the law operates. If we don't obey the law then how can we expect them to?

@rainmanjr So you're content to wait until the right starts coming after or oppressing white males like you? That sounds awful privileged and rather selfish, man. A bit like the Nazi Germany tale of how the good Germans sat back and let the Nazis take over, after persecuting everyone but the white Christian males, and then when they came after him, there was nobody to defend him.

@TomMcGiverin Content? No. Bound by duty to law? Yes. I'm Jewish, Tom, so you might want to rethink that statement. My Grandmother (a Polish woman) watched the Russians shoot her father in WWI so it's not only the Nazi's who kill us. If you're disappointed in my adherence to law then I shall somehow get past it.

@rainmanjr It is my opinion that laws are about power... Not justice...

From that perspective, it sounds to me like you fundamentally believe you still have enough power and influence in the American system to where you can afford to be passive until directly affected.

I am not sure if this is consistent with the history of how discrimination has been implemented in the United States. Much less how it has been overcome.

@rainmanjr My statement stands. You can try to play the Jewish victim. anti-Semitism card with me, but I will not apologize, back down or rethink my statement. You are being selfish and if you don't like my criticism, you can shove it.

@TomMcGiverin Well, shoving it would be better than listening to you.

@domos Laws are about protecting the public from harm. They are what our constitution is really all about so, if you don't believe in law, then you don't believe in America.

@rainmanjr Back at ya, block me or not, I really don't care....

@rainmanjr I think this is an over simplistic understanding of the law... It seems like you're speaking from a point of ideology more so than reality.

The laws have been just as much about oppressing and putting the public in situations of harm as they have been the opposite... It depends on the social political context of whose influence and lives are valued at that point in history and relative to others.

Following the law is means of providing stability for a society. Stability requires a consistent norm of power dynamics... That's stability can be toxic relative to the experiences of those in that society.

@domos Law is an idealism and I can be simplistic so I won't argue your point. Yes, law can be oppressive, as well as provide stability and this idea of Justice, so go ahead and break it. I'll just watch from over here. I just think that protests are supposed to be marches, civil disobedience, and getting our voices heard. Not destruction. John Lennon said that, when you talk about that, count me out and that's the lesson I take. That being said, if the govt is collapsing I will pick up my gun and get in the street. Hopefully it won't be long before I'm taken out of this stupid illusion.

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