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I think our need to be number one has done as much damage to the American psyche as any addictive drug.


Lorajay 9 Jan 10

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We are going down fast, I think we are number one in that.


The problem is not that Americans are patriotic
The problem is not that Americans love their country
The problem is not that Americans are proud to be Americans

Those are all fine

The Problems are that a significant minority Americans think every other country in the world is shit, that non American are inferior and that people who are not white are not actually human and that over 70% of the nation suffer from the Dunning Kruger effect.

I would agree if you would put the word many in front of the word Americans. Without that word you're implying everyone in America.

I also believe there's a portion of most countries that have the same issues.

@Lorajay I did say a significant minority

@LenHazell53 somehow I missed that. I should have known better considering who you are. My apologies.


Excellent point!!


I think this might be the case for the citizens for many countries. Very few like to think their country is not great in someway. A lot of countries make fun of American (U.S.) people. They can be real, conceited, assholes sometimes.


Or does the need to see the country as a savior to the world illustrate the prevalence of mental illness (lurking malignant narcissism and pathological insecurity).


I never thought America was number one. There is so much dirt from the beginning of this country to the present. Murdering Native Americans, dragging African people from their country to become slaves to landowners, meanwhile torturing and murdering them, locking up Japanese Americans during WW2, the ongoing oppression of people of color. Surely NOT number one.

I agree wholeheartedly however many Americans seem to have the need to feel like we are number one and they strike out in anger if you try to explain that we are not. Their own insecurities make them accept that lie.

Problem is no country has a clean history. It is the plight of humankind.

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