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Started a conversation on the word press group “The Overpopulation Project.” Someone asked if the group Engender Health provided contraceptive care in Uganda (it originally was about surgical contraception but things seem to have changed). Here’s a link to the group:

Found this link and thought it worth sharing. It may very well be that many of the brainwashed people in the world still believe this crap.
JackPedigo 9 Jan 12

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Or those obscene demagogies want to say healing an overpolluted(and overnuclearized) terrafamilyship? stop tyranny of lie! viva eucratia!

tipi Level 7 Jan 28, 2022

So now I learned a new word (I think) there are two similar words Eucratia and Eucrasia. Eucratia is an acronym.

E is for expert, in your chosen career

U is for useful, always to others.

C is for compatible, a friend's friend.

R is for rational, the way you think.

A is for adaptable, whenever things change

T is for treasure, that of your friendship.

I is for intellect, your high capacity for knowledge

A is for assertive, a great leader

and eucrasia means: a normal state of health : physical well-being —opposed to dyscrasia

Still, am a little confused by the comment.`


South Africa minister tells schoolgirls to 'open books and close legs'



I am appalled that some will see this and think that the pandemic is all about killing off people. Names like Bill Gates come to mind and lots of false crap is spread. Most living people have money to spend and those who are rich want that money. Nobody gets your money if you are dead. Some areas are greatly overpopulated. Education helps fix that problem. Killing off people is not part of the fix.

Problem is education is a resource and, as such, is limited. One major limit to the system in this country is the sheer numbers of different languages and cultures the system has to teach.


If you want to reduce the population, educated people in the use of contraceptive. Give the men free condoms and women free birth control.

Yerp, female education is the best and most reliable way to reduce birth rates.

we gave free birth control to women in Mexico and central America and it was helping women decide if they wanted to be forever pregnant and it was information that was private women did not have to share with husbands was working ...then it was stopped and the populations grew again....the Christians and or republicans and or any other persons that stepped in and decided that we should stop had no right to decide for others just as the right to life has no right to decide for others

Wouldn't it be nice if it were that simple. Life doesn't work that way.


I had not heard of Engender Health or the Overpopulation Project. Thanks for posting.

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