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Got Too Admire Her.

Coldo 8 Apr 23

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We need more like her!


Good on her!


J.K. kind of sounds like an idiot. What is the point of attaining wealth in the first place if it has to be given away? She should keep her idea of low-incentive achievement to herself.

Her wealth was incidental. She didn't publish her stories to become a billionaire, she was a struggling single mom who just wanted to make enough to give her family a more comfortable life. She is also an amazing, compassionate philanthropist. Can't put a price on such a marvelous character trait.


Yes, obviously, but that has nothing to do with anything. When she started writing Harry Potter, she had no money, and had to write the stories on bits of napkin in a coffee shop. But the bottom line is, she's not qualified to say what people should do, and she should stick within her knowledge base, and proficiency.

It's easy to think of a person who is indiscriminately generous as compassionate, but not everyone receives kindness with responsibility.

For example, why is it that when someone gives money to a junkie, that they just buy more drugs, versus when someone gives money to a college student, it goes towards tuition?

This is one of the many problems with giving things to people for free!

She's rich and can do wtf she wants with her money. In her mind she's paying it forward because she knows what it's like to have nothing.
You should be more bothered by pay inequity and offshore tax evasion by trillion dollar companies who create the problem to begin with by using humans as a cash crop.


You're right!

@DZhukovin Are you familiar with Rowling's knowledge base and proficiency? Obviously she has mad writing skills and inspired insight as to human nature. Becoming a billionaire wasn't her initial goal. Having done so, she is using the money in the way that gives her the most pleasure. Hoarding money serves nobody. Perhaps she is not the type of person who wants to deny somebody a meal on the chance that they might be a junkie. It's twisted logic like this that wastes taxpayers' money on drug tests for welfare applicants.


I would like to see necessary proof of your notions of human obligation, because right now, you're just giving me political theater and you look like a con artist.

@DZhukovin And you look like a DICK. ?


This is relevant

@DZhukovin Didn't watch it. You still look like a DlCK. ?

@DZhukovin I sure don't know how you get "con artist" out of anything I said. Perhaps that just speaks to a lack of life experience or human interaction. I never addressed human obligation. And how does one demonstrate proof of a notion? Pomposity does leave an impression, child, but probably not the one you were hoping for.






I especially like the last two words. That is key.


brilliant, i agree


I really admire her. Tried reading HP but after the 4th book gave up because I just wasn't into them. I respect the hell out of her though!

Try "Robert Galbraith" books which is her pen name !!

Books for grown up's .. She wrote under a mans name to upset her Male critics who said she wasn't a serious author !!

You might like those ones 🙂

@SilverDollarJedi She wrote the first harry potter book in a cafe in Edinburgh Scotland. She was a single mother trying her best to make ends meet.

@SilverDollarJedi That's right. She was a couch surfer on welfare.

I have "Casual Vacancy" but have yet to touch fact need to find where put it 😮
/never got into HP . Read a lot of Charlaine Harris tho... until Hbo fubar'ed the series.

@Nickbeee Thanks! I thought I had heard she wrote some non-children's books. I was going to say adult books but decided that sounded like she wrote naughty books. Maybe I'm just a perv.

@Qualia I couldn't get through the first Sookie Stackhouse book. The writing was just too bad for me.

@Marcie1974 It's okay perv you are in good company lol !!! They are great books !! Sorta crime detective novels. Very well written.

@Marcie1974 LOL I"m easily amused. That said I hate Anne Rice .

@Qualia I loved Anne Rice! Haven’t read her in many many years though

@Marcie1974 LOL Her writing too "dry" for me. Not that I'm any kind of writer myself....
For me CH sated the frustration I had w/AR with the erotic bits, which I stopped reading AR oh geez, 1989?90? So no idea what I'd think of it now, those were just my impressions back then. Maybe I should try again to see if I've had a change of heart.


I love her. She sticks to her guns. She doesn't hold her tongue and she's sarcastic and witty and doesn't give a fuck if people scream for her head. She is so true to herself and I love it. Even when she says things I don't quite agree with she never apologizes for her opinions. She reminds me of me, a lot. She also cares, beyond caring, for humanity. I love her a lot.


She's one amazing woman. Brilliant, beautiful, and compassionate.

JimG Level 8 Apr 23, 2018

If she didnt cared fo her billionaire status... what's it really her status?


I knew that she's a decent person and had given a lot of money away, but didn't realise that it was so much. Respect to her.


There should be a Forbes list of most charitable donors as well.


I can admire her for that.

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