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Not necessarily in a good way.

Jolanta 8 Jan 23

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Hard to get behind someone who misspells the key word in his hypothesis.......

It not wrong, energise is Australian, U.K. and Canada's spelling of energize.

Actually we speak the Queens english here. It is you Americans who are bastardising it.


Energetic isn't the same as productive, cooperation accomplishes more than conflict. Arguments that don't lead to resolution are a waste of energy.


And thought is passive, action requires passion as well.


Yes, disagreement with the god mobsters of this world creates mayhem, misery and murder. Look at the acts perpetrated by Islamic State, the GOP, the Catholic Church and President Xi Jinping.

And the US too, don't forget that they have invaded more than 20 countries since the second world war.

@Jolanta You make an excellent point.

@anglophone Thank you


So that's why women usually say no. - encouraging a bit of rough?


Then just prone to cutting the nose off to spite the face?

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