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The Four Whores of the Establishmentclipse! Votives for those who prefer voting gods on a screen instead of praying to them at an altar.

Silver1wun 7 Jan 26

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Mere confused and frightened irrelevant misogynistic ramblings. These brave women have been fighting the establishment within and outside of their party since they came on scene.

They fought before. Now they're all-in with the establishment with Bernie, masquerading as former selves. They'd be whores if they were males. Bernie the Judas Goat whore.

@Silver1wun The fact that you target these five now, the most progressive members of Congress, is evidence in and of itself that they continue to distinguish themselves from the establishment.

@LovinLarge Actions are what matters and selling out is an action that trumps lip service. All five are establishment 'votives'... Bernie led you all to the boxcars and you've been following so long your minds have succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome.
Madam Pelosi is their 'daddy'.

@Silver1wun The very definition of lip service is allegations of selling out without supporting evidence.

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