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Conservative vs Progressive

Conservatives like the status quo or reverting back to the way things used to be. They are opposed to progress in most forms. They fear change in the future. They quite frankly lack boldness of thought and action.

Progressive minded are typically the bold embracing change. Progressives don't discount the past but move forward into the future with bold action.

That being said it seems to me that progressive minded people are the boldest amongst us whereas conservative minded people are those that lack foresight and fear change.

FvckY0u 7 Jan 28

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Wrong..... Very typical spew about conservatives from the lefters...... Similar to the shit believers throw at atheists.... "Atheists are blasphemers. Do not listen to them. They are demons. Point to them and call them Evil in human form.'"

Do you have any conservative acquaintances you actually trust? Listen to them, so you are not so narrowly constrained.

I say, conservatives are being more realistic about the implications of all ideas that attempt to change too much too fast..... People do NOT change as fast as the left-polers proclaim will happen.

A very interesting, mostly fast diatribe, balanced exploration of the ‘covid’ wars ::

If you don't listen to the end and have some questions, instead of defiant responses, it means you are not a rational human, interested in learning.

I am old. I get to write what i want.

I've listened to many conservatives and ones I trust and yet my thoughts are what they are.


Feminism is equality of and for the sexes. One can not be a political Progressive without being a feminist. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

I'm all for feminism in the broad sense. It's narrow minded self described feminists I don't care for.

@darren316 Yes, we should never have allowed women the privilege of self determination. Opened a real can of worms there.

If you think a man can become a woman by saying a few magic words, you are a lunatic....TOTALLY ANTI-WOMAN.....

Therefore progressives are crazy..... Trans-maniacs.....

@JacarC It's always so easy to spot you RWNJ's. You never provide evidence for your factual claims and you raise irrelevant issues as distractions. Seriously, if you don't have anything factual of value to contribute, go clean your guns.

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