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This is with my family and the people in my life. One minute I'm their best friend, and in 5 months, I'm not even listened to anymore. This is how my new job started out as. I just want happiness. I just want friends that want to see me once in while. Or who say, "Hi, how are you today? Can I give you a hug?" No one hugs me anymore. I don't offer them because people turn them down. I guess I need to go be alone for a while. Life is too much sometimes. This is the same for my first two, and the last 2 exes.

Sarahroo29 8 Apr 23

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Hi Sarah. I can somewhat relate to what you described above with family members, some of mine are like that at times. People will be people, I try my best to either avoid or ignore those who behave in such a manner. If it is any consolation, please know that you are not alone in going through such situations, there are fellow atheists who experience the same treatment from the people in their lives. At times like this wish I could be there to give you a hug, but know that you do have friends on here who sympathize with and will be thinking about you. Take care in the meantime Sarah.

Thank you. I feel better this morning. I slept for 9 hrs. I had not been sleeping well for a week.

@Sarahroo29 That's good to hear you are doing better, and were able to sleep okay.

@SpikeTalon Yes. It felt great.


Life is a series of choice.
I choose no drama.
To have nurturing beings around me.
To be able to recognize and say ,"No" to toxic people & environments.
To live what's left of my terminally ill statused life to the fullest, happily.
And be thankful for what i do have.

Emme Level 7 Apr 23, 2018

I am. I just hate when people that I care about ignore me.

Love your sentiments

I can't speak for anyone but myself,
That would give folks an awful lot of power over me. Meanwhile the good stuff in life is happening. I don't feel like missing it.
I woke up today. Every minute might not go the way I want but on a whole, it'll be a good day❣??

@Emme I woke up happy.


Sorry, Sarah. Just keep being that friend you wish you yourself had.

Yeah, thanks.

I can't say I agree with that.
I was THAT friend & noticed how taken advantage of no, no drama for me today, YAY!

Emme - I agree, no one should be a doormat, but I kinda look at it this way.


Consider yourself hugged. Everyone deserves a hug.

Yes, thanks.


I hope you’re not expecting too much.. People can disappoint… Unfortunately, there seem to be lots of false greetings and fake platitudes out there. They become easier to spot, yet difficult to ignore.

I work with young revolving interns, and of course we’ve never met.. Some are in your face exuberant, then wonder why I’m not quick to reciprocate. But if it looks fake, or conjured, it’s hard for me to embrace.

Then there are those moving at a more ..honest pace, and as today, when we’ve finally an opportunity to reasonably connect, and big sincere grinns are exchanged, it can make your day.

Don’t know what advice to give… other than don’t push it, and don’t expect too much ..and when you least expect it, someone will connect - and it will be real ~

Varn Level 8 Apr 23, 2018

I hope. I need to go eat before bed.

Expectation is the root of all heartache -- Wm. Shakespeare. It's much tougher when you're young, but try to learn now that the more you expect from people the more disappointment you will endure. There is a direct correlation. (This is for Sarah)

@Condor5 Thanks. 30 isn't young, lol.

@Sarahroo29 it is when you're 68.

@Condor5 Lol.


We all at some point experience similar anxiety-laden episodes. They pass. They are fleeting psychological states. They go as easily as they go.



Hmm I think anymore with the growing amount of responsibilities people have and the internet as a fine tool of segregation and distraction people simply get caught up in their own lane and forget to look over once in a while. That's why I've slowly been opting out of social media and what not and it's been great. People actually call me now and we may spend hours catching up. Something that leaves me in a better mood than anything facebook could do.

I don't like FB.


Aw girlfriend, we're all here for you. I can't hug you through the "internets" but we can get together on here & talk smack & share really gratifying belly laughs❣?
Are you in??

Emme Level 7 Apr 23, 2018

Not tonight. I'm sorry.

Good luck on that journey?

@Emme Thanks.

I'll talk today.


Familiarity breeds contempt , they say.
Has a certain truth to it.
I think age too shows anyone to be just another person.
I don't know, I'm used to it.
But hey hi how ya doin' and a virtual hug.?

Thanks. Hi.


Never give up. Keep working on yourself and keep reaching out to others. It will be worth it. I'm sending you an electronic hug. 🙂



virtual hug


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