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Aw that's not good at all, very sad and unfortunate in fact.
Checked the Weather Forecasts for the next wee and next Thursday here will be a sad day because they are forecasting " broken Clouds."
Now what on earth did those poor innocent clouds to deserve to end up being broken I ask myself.....LOL.

Triphid 9 Feb 10

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Sky has a temper tantrum?

Well lately it seems very much like Mother Nature is going through the Menopause yet AGAIN though.


It will be a sad day for clouds!

Yes, send in the Clouds....LOL.


Yeah. I wonder if I have ever seen a cloud that was misshapen or a badly formed wave......

Check out the Meteorological Phenomenon in Queensland Australia know as the "Morning Glory."

@Triphid Amazing!!!

@ASTRALMAX Even better when seen in the flesh so to speak.

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