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The whole world vs. Russia 👏

Hacker collective ‘Anonymous’ declares war on Russia

Vladimir Putin doesn’t just have to worry about NATO anymore. Anonymous has decided to stand up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The rogue group of hackers whose membership ebbs and flows, has declared itself to be in “a cyber warfare campaign against Putin & his allies.”

Using both Twitter and YouTube, the group urged followers (7.6 million on Twitter; 28,000 YouTube subscribers) to launch cyberattacks on the country’s websites. The group claims to have already disabled sites including the state-controlled Russian news agency, the Kremlin’s official site, and Russian internet service providers.


Apunzelle 7 Mar 2

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Most interesting.


So will WWIII be precipitated by hackers?

No, it'll start as they always do, a short guy with a Napoleon Complex and dreams of grandeur..

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