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I was talking to an elderly lady today. She said she was tired of the media covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict all day every day.

She was a little girl during WW2, and what she sees about Ukraine on TV overlaps with what she experienced during the war, including: she saw bombs falling from the sky; one of them exploded right in front of her house, but no one was hurt which was miraculous; while she was running for her life, she saw a head hanging from an electric cable, and she recognised the face - it was of a neighbour's daughter.

She had a nightmare the other night. In her dream, she was reliving the war. Someone tried to hurt her, so she screamed and kicked them real hard, and that was when she fell off her bed and woke up. She hasn't got PTSD, but I think that what she sees on TV everyday has begun to affect her brain.

I told her not to watch news any more.

Ryo1 8 Mar 17

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It's begun to affect everyone's brain.

It's being covered very differently from the US invasion of Iraq. Different types of coverages affect our perspectives differently.

What covered is real. But the continuous intensity is like a drug that is creating a sort of hysteria.

'What covered is real. But the continuous intensity is like a drug that is creating a sort of hysteria.'
Couldn't agree more. The media behave like drug addicts nowadays. Hooked on one thing and that's all they can think about.

@Ryo1 Would you prefer Russian style media coverage? Hooked on state-sponsored propaganda.

The first casualty of war is truth.

@Ryo1 Do you think the guy who replied to you knows what a Non Sequitur is? Or a False Dichotomy? Yes, I would have responded with ???? also!

@Krish55 Yeah, it's a strange question. Why pay any attention to propaganda, especially if you already know it's propaganda? Propaganda never helps find truth. He failed to provoke me miserably. Lol


War affects all human brains ... that is no miracle ... idiot liars called my war the VIETNAM CONFLICT.... the truth is Ike invaded 1959 and Gerald Rudolf Ford evaculated the Embassy 1975 ending the bombs & invasions


Wrong dipshit .... Post Traumatic Stress RESPONSE is triggered in many ways upon trauma victims....what she told you was a cry for help ....war profiteering is what is driving all the lies that harmed her all her life AND NOW.....isolating her only deepens a PTSR condition ....please talk to her again and offer to buy her some tea.... company is what she needs and television was her likely only companion

'company is what she needs and television was her likely only companion'
Good point. She can still watch TV but not news. Apparently, she doesn't mind watching war films (movies) and they don't upset her. I guess, because she knows that things shown in war films are fake.


"I told her not to watch news any more." Best advice anyone can give and get.


Def PTSD, Very sad.


Does she have family close by? You could give them a heads up.

Yes, she has sons (two I think) and one of them lives only a 10-min. drive away.

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