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Yesterday morning I submitted a post, and when I saw later that people had reacted and commented, I looked at it again and saw that it had been badly mangled, as if a would-be copy editor had taken a dull hatchet and pinking shears to it. Needless to say, I fixed it. But I'm curious as to how such a thing could happen. An electronic glitch? Does the site use some kind of software that deletes random words when it feels like it? Or does the site, in fact, employ a human or humans who are allowed to alter people's prose? I did cut and paste it from where I'd already posted it, on Facebook, so I guess it's possible that it got screwed up in translation, but I don't know that. Anybody? Would an administrator or technical maven care to enlighten me here?

AlanCliffe 6 Mar 23

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Every device i have ever had does this & worse from time to time.
This one, lately, has developed a weird "stutter" where it capitalizes the last word I have typed & adds it after the final punctuation mark, with a different "accent", usually an exclamation mark.
Or even worse, puts the last word of a Previous (fully posted) post as the first word of my next post,.......WTF!
So i just proofread & Edit. It cannot be fixed & the next tic could be far worse


The site has several known glitches where it will delete certain words for no apparent reason. It has always been that way. It’s not done deliberately by humans, just a coding problem that has never been addressed.

skado Level 9 May 4, 2022

The site works best with a desktop, people who use mobile devices, (I don't know if that includes you. ) often encounter problems. You can also sometimes get problems if you make the things first and then open them with the app, it is best to copy into a text editor, and then copy to here, or type straight into the site.

Or it's a conspiracy.

@waitingforgodo Well you know full well that, it was set up by Christian fundamentalists, to collect information on sceptics. And that they are making a hit list, ready for when the evangelicals are poised to take over and make the USA a theocracy.

@Fernapple Now I'm thinking I may not be as paranoid as I suspected, lol..


I often copy and paste and sometimes drop a word while doing so. Proof read your own stuff. Fix it and proof read again. I find a mouse on a PC more accurate than a finger tap on an iPad,

This site does much stuff well. It even retrieves whole comments an unwatched finger tap loses.


Right, this website uses some kind of Grammar corrector/ Spellchecker, it isn't smart enough though, and makes some mess from time to time. so please double-check texts before submitting.

Diaco Level 7 Mar 23, 2022
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