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What does liberal mean to you? Everyone seems to have a different meaning attached to this label. To me, liberal mean thief. Franklin D Roosevelt robbed America of their savings as he declared a national emergency. Everyone was required to bring their gold to the Federal reserve, or face 10 years in prison. That, to me, is a thief. He didn't save America, he robbed America. The federal reserve is a bank, if you didn't know, it's the central bank. After robbing Americans of their gold, he gave each person a mere 25 dollars per ounce of gold. Let me tell you something, he gave them paper with some ink on it. Now, Franklin D Roosevelt, the clever thief that he was, wasn't satisfied with stealing the gold from the hard working Americans, their life savings, he decided to one up and immediately devalue the paper in, so now it cost 35 dollars per ounce of gold. This crook still wasn't satisfied. He went and created social security and ran on the basis of taxing the rich. Oh, I'm sorry you're so broke, I just robbed you of your life savings, you can now pay me taxes when you work (robbing them more) so you won't be hungry when you get old, I'm such a caring guy you see, I robbed you and now I'm going to take care of you. By taxing the working class, (not the rich) as he claims, he created a future generation of dupes, suckers, that think they are getting a good deal. It gets even worse, he created Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose job is to buy loans from the banks, so the banks can loan out more money, that people save in their bank account. Sounds like this fellow was in cahoots with the banks to rob the American people. Now, as a bank, I got a guaranteed payoff from the government if these low income people don't pay me back. Who has to pay the money back? You guessed it, the working people, through income tax. That's what happened in 2008 when the world economy almost crashed. The banks come out winners, the working people losers, while FDR gets a grand reputation for saving Americans by stealing from them. Wait, it gets worse! That same ounce of gold FDR robbed from people today will cost you more than 1300 dollars. FDR must be laughing in his grave. He's still managing to rob savers through inflation, and the liberals think he is the Savior.

Beach_slim 7 Apr 25

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If only it was that simple.
let us say we kept using gold as payment method.
well as you said the value of gold kept rising, meaning stuff needed less gold to get it.

So unless you really needed something, the smart person would not buy anything.
Nor would you want to invest in something if gold just kept rising in value.
People would start to hold on to as much gold as possible to greatly increase in the value.

Until the someone, or a group with a large amount of gold decided to off load it.
Causing the value to drop, and prices to rise.

This doesn't mention that when people are not buying, things are not be produced, and people are not working.

@Beach_slim if gold was the medium we used to trade with, it than has value.

I get how inflation works. I was talking about deflation.


I can't wait to hear the responses.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 25, 2018

who cares?


This was super enlightening. Not at all insane. It’s all the fault of <insert group here>

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