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Making a Killing: Big Oil Reaps Record Profits Using Ukraine War as Pretext to Hike Gas Prices

"House Democrats grilled CEOs of Big Oil companies, like ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell, Wednesday about rising gas prices and profiteering from the Ukraine war. We get response from environmentalist Bill McKibben and speak with Ukrainian environmental lawyer ​​Svitlana Romanko about how the war in Ukraine is impacting energy markets around the world. “These are predatory companies that have used every excuse — and this is one of the grossest — to try and increase their profit margins,” says McKibben. “Dismantling and ending Putin’s horrific war against Ukraine will dismantle the system that enables this fossil fuel industry to overprofit,” adds Romanko."

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nogod4me 7 Apr 8

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Oil companies engaging in price-gouging during a pandemic and a war should have their assets and operations nationalized, and board member's assets seized.


The number one reason for high priced fuel is Biden and the idiotic democraps war on crude oil and natural gas. Hell Biden stopped the Keystone XL and banned leasing on federal land on his first day in office!! Put the blame where it belongs, not on the oil companies!!

You such a fucking


Yes, it's obvious that is what they're doing. Our response should be to ban the importation of any oil, expand public transportation to the extreme, and electrify public transportation vehicles first. We need to do this because otherwise our children will die from climate change.

We actually have banned imports of Russian oil/gas..Europe on the otherhand, not so much..

I was speaking of banning all oil imports, not just Russian. We must eliminate fossil fuels as quickly as possible..

@Theresa_N nows the time to do so..

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