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(He is totally wrong, as studies shows that sexual orientation is rooted in genetics. There are genetic markers which are unique to homosexuals. However sexual orientation seems to be more complicated. The one thing that is clear is that sexual orientation for the vast majority of people (greater than 97%) never changes, and any changes do not seem to come about by conscious effort, but are more due to stress and environment.)

Georgia Republican congressional candidate Vernon Jones said Thursday that civil rights for Black people don't apply to gay people because "they can actually change" to become straight, HuffPost reported...

...Jones also claimed that people can "go from being straight to being gay to being transgender and all these other genders." He added, "But when you're Black, I don't have a choice. When did gays come over here on ships?"

snytiger6 9 Apr 10

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Republican Blacks have such a hard time overcoming the racism in their Party that the only way they will feel accepted is to go full on sociopath and embrace the Rights worst beliefs that don’t involve outright racism.


Holy shit! This Vernon guy is literally saying equal rights don't apply to everyone... because sexual orientation is a CHOICE?


Cons tie themselves into knots trying to justify a simple thing like equal rights for every human being. Don't they?

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