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I was just going to post this in the group, but decided it's important to everyone. Whether you use marijuana or not, I have no doubt that you know someone who could be helped from it's proven medical benefits. I also agree with Gupta that making medical marijuana available to all would be a significant tool against the opioid crisis. The drugs aren't working, and are making things exponentially worse for everyone.

Unfortunately, I just don't think Sessions will be encouraged to use reason and compassion, and rethink his position. Science doesn't mean much to 45 or his "administration". Perhaps, flooding the AG's office, and the DoJ, with copies of this letter, and letters of our own, might at least open a few closed minds.


KKGator 9 Apr 25

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Weed is legal in Washington State. It's a huge boost to our economy. It is a highly taxed money maker for the state and has created employment opportunities for thousands. For me, I love that my local pot shop is 2miles away. no more looking for dealers. It's a win-win for all.


I have nothing against weed, and I can not use it W/O getting anxiety. I think it is the religious vote that make both parties wary of passing new weed legislation.

The religious "vote" is negligible compared to the power, influence, and money of Big Pharma. Both parties get funding from the pharmaceutical lobby. Big Pharma doesn't want people using marijuana instead of their products.


Gee ... to be able to grow some for us... that would so cool.

Indeed. Nothing like a little 4-H project to keep us busy!


I have never understood why pot is a schedule 1 narcotic.

It was done strictly for political reasons. It has never had anything to do with "public safety".


Unfortunately, I don't think anything will change their minds.
We just need to get rid of them by taking their power and authority away from them.

I'm really okay with getting rid of them.


Thanks for sharing. I've seen the Weed series, and look forward to watching #4. Sessions is an authoritarian and bigot, which are the main reasons he's anti-cannabis. I'm not sure anything will change his mind, but I think sending this letter may be a good idea and couldn't hurt unless it causes him to dig his heels in deeper.


As a cancer survivor I have pain isuues. I was prescribed oxycodone and stopped taking it. Did not like the way it made me feel. Would rather smoke weed and do-2 days till I'm legal.


Trump overruled Sessions on pot.

For now.


Fascist radio like Laura Ingraham is rallying her cult addicts to fight Washington & Colorado legalized rope


Since one of the reasons ol' Donny boy wanted to build his stupid wall was to keep drugs (weed) from crossing the border, what is he going to do when Canada legalizes it nationwide?

That's one hell of a long border we have up North.

Canada is way ahead of Donny. 😉

@VictoriaNotes Love it!


This Gupta , is he the same one that captured the S.A. Goverment. ??


I thought in 1975 it should be legal and though I can't smoke it anymore I feel the same.

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