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Can't help but laugh at the Weather forecast as per the Bureau of Meteorology for my hometown today.
Forecast reads, " Fine and Sunny, light to moderate winds, expected temperature in the high 20s.
Either they have screwed up AGAIN or big J.C. is there in cloudsville having his regular annual weeping session because it is the day he went to the Nine Inch Nails Concert. and really got himself hung up about them.
Either way, the sun is NOT shining and brightening up the sky atm, it is bloody cloudy and we have had a few showers of either rain or the tears of poor J.C.
Most likely in fact, they are rain though.
Nice one though, Weather Bureau, screwed up yet another forecast.

Triphid 9 Apr 14

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Celsius ? smirk

Yes, surprise, surprise that IS a method of MEASURING the temperature fyi.
WE have departed from utilising the ancient Fahrenheit scale at last and gone METRIC, such a shame some of you
Seppos are still living in the Dark Ages of Numeracy, etc, etc.


Did they get their degrees as a prize from a cracker jacks box? 🤣

Betty Level 8 Apr 14, 2022

We used to use that method but broke away from the Mother England method and went metric instead, far far easier to use, etc, etc.
Psst, don't repeat this BUT I was once told that most of the lesser educated Seppos (Americans) prefer using the old BRITISH scales of measurement because they so miss being English Colonies, especially in States like Cincinnati which so had to steal its name from an ancient and Famous Roman Military General.

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