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The Pine tree in yesterdays posting as seen from my side of the fence and where it stands WITHIN the boundaries of my property.
At least he has NOT butchered this side thankfully and never will.

Triphid 9 Apr 15

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It's a shame to ruin that, even on the other side.

That, and the other two in my front gardens are homes to numerous birds, sadly most are common and feral Sparrows, but there are 2 pairs of Crested Wood Pigeons who have " set up" house in 2 of the Pines, the one pictured and the other which is furthest away from it.
In the third tree, well out of being a so-called "problem" to and for his solar panels, there are a pair of Magpies who set up house about 3 seasons ago and have successfully raised a couple of clutches of young ever since, (with helpful donations of fresh goat or 'roo mince to supplement what ever the parents manage to bring them as well.
It is quite nice to awaken each Spring and Summer morning to the call of the Magpies and the soft, sweet and gentle cooing of the Wood pigeons as they ready themselves for the new day.

@Triphid We're very forested here, so we have deer, moose, birds, bear, rodents, cougars, etc., so wildlife is a large part of our make up here.

@Lilac-JadeCanada As a Scotsman might say when first seeing a moose, " Och noo, if that be a moose, hoo big are ye cats?:" LOL.

@Triphid That's funny!!!!

This was in a yard not too far from us.

@Lilac-JadeCanada" Och Lassie ye'll be needing some reet big traps for mooses that size I be thinkin."

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