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It’s amazing how many tragic, flawed decisions are made with "God on our side". I was watching the movie 'Nicholas and Alexandra' and every time he made an awful decision he was certain that he had 'God on his side'.
I think that the idea of god is an extension of our monkey brain hardwiring to obey the alpha male. With our big brains we are broaden the concept into the more abstract idea of God. All powerful, all knowing, and all benevolent. Group and tribal cohesion has served the proliferation of the species well. That’s why evolutionarily it is in us.

For all the miraculous advances in science and philosophy, we still follow our monkey brains, just like the monkeys and even like bacteria.

augimmun 5 Apr 17

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It's the reason for many atrocities

bobwjr Level 10 Apr 17, 2022

I always, still, find it fascinating that believers haven't yet grasped the underlying problem with their all-knowing God. πŸ€” He wouldn't need to have their backs if he'd not fucked them up during creation.

Sort of like we used to have DOS some 25+ years ago and two college dropouts moved us into the age of info. Couldn't God have done a little more spiffung-up of his pet project in the last 2,000 or so years???? πŸ€” He's either lazy, inept, or...WAIT!!!! βœ‹

He doesn't exist. shrugs


That movie is an abomination. Based on an abysmal book.


Apparently so. I'm still trying to find the name of the first bacteria. Also, were there 2 of them. Is it possible in war that soldiers on opposite sides cannot kill each other because they each have god on their side? If god really is one being made up of 3 persons I can see a way out of that one. The church world can't. They just do not get it.

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